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The BIMobject media kit

Congratulations! Receiving this media kit means that your products are published in the BIMobject® Cloud. Your products are now being browsed, downloaded and inserted in projects all around the globe. By being present in the BIMobject® Cloud, you are making sure that your products are getting the best possible exposure. Now it's time to use all your existing media channels, to promote your launch at! We have put together this media kit for you, so that you can easily find information and images for your press releases, blog posts and social channels - letting your customers as well as your competition know that you are up to BIM speed, providing digital replicas of your products!

Let the world know that your products are now published in the BIMobject® Cloud!

Press Release

Let the world know that your products are on! We have created a draft for you to use, if you need inspiration for your press releases, blogs and articles. This is an example of how you can tell the world that you've gone BIM:

[YOUR BRAND] in the BIMobject® Cloud

At [YOUR BRAND] we are continuously working to support our clients and the construction process in the very best way. That is why we are now publishing digital replicas of our products, so-called BIM-objects, at the world's leading platform for manufacturer-specific BIM content. This way, architects, engineers and designers can easily browse, download and use our products in their models, from the ideation stage all the way through to the facility management phase.

The BIMobject® Cloud is the world's leading platform for manufacturer-specific BIM content. With more than one million professional AEC users, our presence in the BIMobject® Cloud enhances our visibility and makes our products easily accessible and useful to the global design community.

By publishing our products at, we make sure that they are and remain connected to a Single Source of Truth through BIMobject's unique cloud based solution. That means we can continuously update and add to the information that the objects contain, so that everything from geometry to environmental data and energy ratings stay updated and accurate.

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Content marketing & storytelling

Would you like us to write an article or advertorial about your products or your brand on our editorial platform, BIMobject NEWS? Publishing stories about anything from your brands core values to new product launches is an excellent way of communicating to the hundreds of thousands of AEC professionals that visit every month. This also provides you with excellent content that you can use in all your own marketing channels and funnels. Get in touch and we'll walk you through the different options available!
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The future of construction

Here is an interview with our CEO, Stefan Larsson, where he develops his views on the future of construction - feel free to share it if you find it helpful!

Challenge us

We love a good challenge. Challenges offers us the opportunity to grow in some way, to try something new and to stretch our creative muscles.

"But ... what is the difference between BIMobject, and a BIM object?"

Need to explain what BIMobject or a BIM object is?

What is BIMobject®?

BIMobject® provides a world-leading, cloud-based platform for making digital product information available for Building Information Modelling (BIM). The purpose of this is to enable its use early in the building process for visualisation, specification, and analysis. Building product manufacturers can publish digital replicas of their products, so that architects, engineers and designers can download them and use them in their plans and designs. Digital and more intelligent design and construction lead to better product selections, reduced waste, and more efficient logistics during the building process.

What is a BIM object?
A BIM object is a digital representation of a physical object. It's a 3D object, loaded with all kinds of data about everything from geometry to energy values and certifications. This enables architects, engineers and designers to make advanced calculations on their projects. BIM objects published on are and remain connected to a Single Source of Truth through the BIMobject® Cloud solution. This means that they always stay connected to the manufacturer, who can update them and make sure that all data is correct, even years after the object has been inserted in a BIM model.
Here is the BIMobject logo for light and dark backgrounds. To download, simply click on it and then right-click on the next page. A clear space area needs to be applied around the BIMobject logotype to prevent any interfering between other objects and the logo itself.  (In order to save the logo to your desktop, just right-click and choose "save image as…")
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